Polyester Twist Yarn
- Carpet Yarn
FDY twist yarn
DTY twist yarn

Nylon Twist Yarn
- DTY & FDY twist yarn

Rayon Twist yarn
- Rayon Twist yarn

Industrial Twist Yarn
- Industrial PA&PES twist yarn

High tenacity sewing thread
- Bonded thread
Polyester / Nylon High tenacity thread

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Welcome To HongFeng Twisting Co, Ltd.

NanTong HongFeng Twisting Co, Ltd. is located in Hai’an, Jiangsu province, China. Our company covers an area of 11,000 square meters and has more than 100 employees and technologists. We integrate the scientific research, production and sales together. Enjoying convenient transportation, we are next to Shanghai port for only 330 kilometers away.

We mainly offer filament twisted yarns of polyester DTY, FDY, ATY, POY, Nylon and Rayon. We have many specifications of polyester, nylon and rayon, such as 50D, 75D, 100D, 150D and 200D. We can twist yarn from 50D to 2000D with 50tpm to 4000tpm; for color, we can supply nature color, dope dyed color. We have been running this business over 10 years. End use of our yarn is for making weft & warp yarn, woven label, automotive seating, woven tape, knitting fabric, etc.

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